Shapeshifting Through Deep Meditation



Instead of releasing, searching, and giving, I'm going to transform this energy into healing, Send to each cell and connector, Every organ and gland, To penetrate my brain, To fill the cracks in my memory, To pull within me what I need, To remember what I already know, No outside stimulations, Lights and entertainments, No … Continue reading NO


Rest In Peace to Maurice, Dressed in all white at 7:32pm, Hit by a car going 65 mph, On the interstate in Durham, During an act of kindness, His life slipped through the moment.  🙏🏾


Light as a feather I can rest on butterfly wings. I am Delicate as a ladybug With eyes like a child. I am  A soft tune  Like the wind coming in the distance. I am  Complete and perfect I am the source of creation.  -Ladybug