Some of us got the type of willpower 
That will break under the weight of stress 

Some of us carry generations of tension on our chest. 

Some of us get the itch 

Need something to drink, smoke, sniff

Need something to cover the pain 

Something to blur the memories

Something to drown out the voice 

Some of us get the jones bad

Just can’t turn away 

Just can’t look past 

Some of us float between dimensions 

Some of us so sensitive

We just don’t make it

Some of our hearts so pure 

They just can’t corrupt it.

Leave some room for us.


Travel & Eat

Creative Taste

Which woman doesn’t love girl talk and good food? I spent my yesterday exploring Charlotte, NC with family and ended it with a refreshing dinner date with my best friend.


We visited Luna’s Living Kitchen. I ordered a bowl of sweet potato and pear puree soup, which pleased my taste buds. I never tried that combination before and was excited. I’m a vegan and I love the wide range of creativity you can experience with each meal. I was not disappointed! Sweet potato and pears get along nicely!